A scene Set – to hopefully bring value and joy.

This blog documents a minimalists journey with his somewhat maximalist family through, and hopefully beyond this life changing experience. It’ll hope to test some theories and prove some points, firstly to myself and hopefully to the reader; maybe even to my maximalists.

Join me as I see if I really am a minimalist, or, something else.

I don’t know how this will pan out, in terms of our house or my success in practicing some of the minimalism practices, and, hopefully we get to enjoy some of the accompanying benefits experienced through the process. I’ll diary or essay what I can, in terms of how a minimalist, a maximalist and our crazy seven year old whirlwind daughter face and overcome the same challenges.  Join us, let’s see where this goes.

I hope this brings value as you read and we reflect, and, I hope there is joy to be had for us all.

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