My project 333, and a few other animals.

My Project 333 capsule wardrobe experiment started on Wednesday, January 29th 2020. That’s less than three weeks before we were displaced by the flood.

A few days after the flood and I’m naturally down to 30. Maybe that’s my arbitrary number. I do have workout gear for running, motorcycling and a few watersports, so, ’karma’. Plus, I’ve decided I’m not going to buy any more clothes for a year, that’ll be February the 1st 2020. There, I’ve said it. Challenge set!

Does it take something like this; to have to carry round your possessions like Daddy tortoise to make you realise what’s important to you, or right now, to me? I’m shedding as I go.

Over the past few weeks as I’ve paired down I retained so many things that are falling by the wayside this week. THINGS, capitol, on purpose. That’s just what they are. Nonsense, stuff, trappings to weigh me down. I’m only realising that as I go; day by day I’m back at the house picking up important things, only to discard them with a ’what the hell was I thinking’ notion the following day as each now non-essential item is discarded.

At each new hotel destination or even new day, looking at the unpacked ’stuff’! Nope, gotta go, don’t need that, have three of those. Ooh, not getting rid of that though (happens occasionally).

You know what, it’s cathartic, dropping each thing is like dropping a problem. I have enough of those right now. Will I regret any shredded items? Who knows.

I love the minimalist 20/20 rule. I extend it as I need to. Maybe 40/40, maybe more. Can I replace it for £40 in 40 minutes. For the most part, out it goes! I don’t want to carry it anymore. What’s the point? It’s removing value now.

Did I mention the flood? It’s quite stressful. I met some friends over a cuppa last night. A few people shared their week. I listened, I put their and my week into perspective. I judged them, and myself. Sometimes in some situations that’s particularly unhealthy! I have a lot of unhealthy this week. Maybe this is all just me ’reacting’, cleansing. How many stages of grief are there? The conversation and distraction helped for a while. Then I spoke about my week, over a few tears. Is it surprising that right now I’ll do anything I can to reduce some of this pain and seek the freedom of getting lighter and letting go. If this is what this is, do I mind, will I have material regrets?

Bugger, I’ve reinstalled a few previously deleted apps on my phone. Partially to write this, some work, though there’s not much of that going on this week. (head in the shed, or maybe down the river). Does reinstalling work the same with that Rubik’s cube, those cuff links or those jeans. Wait, I may use those trainers in Spring. Nobody’s perfect. Another day tomorrow. Progress…..

2 thoughts on “My project 333, and a few other animals.

  1. I can read your pain in this and your self doubt. There’s so much turmoil and uncertainty for you at the moment and it’s completely natural to question yourself and the routes you’re taking.
    There’s no correct way to be dealing with it all but I do think being able to view most things as just things is an enviable trait in general but particularly in this situation. I’m so impressed with you both and how you’ve got through week one. Keep writing and talking and know we’re always here to talk if you need anything. Xx

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