From the sublime to the ridiculous. Just some ramblings. A better day.

Today has been a better day. A very positive conversation with someone from National Resources Wales who has gone some way to assure me that the correct steps are being taken to resolve the riverbank problem. Though then the development lady sent me a crappy email. Looks like no new house as compensation. To be honest I didn’t expect it. I might have to sue after all. Watch this space. Still, the first half is positive news. The house will be fixed. Details pending….

Here’s this from this weeks minimalist maximal podcast. See here.

Compulsive decluttering, or, Spartanism!!!

”Compulsive decluttering is a pattern of behavior that is characterized by an excessive desire to discard objects in one’s home and living areas. Other terms for such behavior includes obsessive compulsive spartanism. The homes of compulsive declutterers are often empty. It is the opposite of cumulative hoarding.”

I live with a maximalist or two so surely this balances it out. Karma.

Spartanism – that’s me. I’ve thrown everything away or donated it. Just sword, shield, spear, loincloth and helmet left to protect my bronzen six pack.

Maybe not that spartan or minimalist. Consumerism calls. Today I really want to buy a shiny new Starbucks coffee travel my; but must not. How can I accidentally break my bamboo coffee mug? It’s a very nice new mug. All black and shiny. Tall and thin. Perfect for the car. Must resist this thing that is available from the Starbucks downstairs in the lobby. It’s on the middle shelf on the left. There are a few left it’s about £19. 😉

Must do better. Here are some minimalist experiments for me to try soon. It’s supposed to be all about experiments. Try, if you don’t like it you can always reverse the idea. Nope, not me. I just charity the ’thing’ then I’m banjaxed if I change my mind. To this day I’ve only regretted a handfull of donated items and only replaced a couple.

I might get rid of my stand up desk. Or try not using it for a month when I get it back. Laptop on the kitchen table. Who needs an office. Not I. What could we do with that room?

  • Get rid of unused gadget box items. Keep app enabled R2-D2.
    • Get rid of clothes not worn during exile:
    1. Nike long jacket
    2. More, or actually less T-shirts
    3. Work suit ”liberating”
    4. Gym bag & rucksack
    5. Oakley hoodie. Too skinny.
    6. Rogue one bag. Hmm, maybe.
    7. Go through all remaining just in case. clothes and let-go.
    8. Pair down casual and workout gear more
    9. Go through the mobile capsule wardrobe after this week and reduce further
    10. Pair down the garage. But not bikes. Phew.

    Quick sanity check. Things I don’t need.

    • I do not need more than 15 pairs of shoes
    • I do not need more than 2 vehicles
    • I do not need more than 5 watches
    • I do not need more than 2 leather jackets
    • I do not need more than 8 running tops
    • I do not need more than 2 lightsabers
    • I do not need more than 4 lego spaceships
    • I Do not need more than 4 pairs of sunny’s
    • I do not need more than 3 caps
    • I do not need more than 7 hoodies
    • I do not need roller skates
    • I do not need 2 skateboards
    • I do not need more than 5 motorcycle helmets

    I’ve clearly smashed minimalism. Or maybe there’s progress to be made. Seriously, who needs 8 running tops.

    A good Christmas gift idea. Get your loved one:

    1. Something they want
    2. Something they need
    3. Something to read.

    Israel packing (always a good idea to plan).

    • Jeans/polo shirt/boots/jacket (flight gear
    • 1 shirt
    • 2x shorts
    • 2x beach vests
    • 2x t-shirts
    • Casual shirt (problem as I don’t have one. Charteee shop)
    • Run shorts/vest/trainers
    • Headphones/watch
    • Kindle

    Should get that packed in 5 minutes.

    I went for a run today. Went through the village where I grew up, both times. It was a lovely run. 5 miles on road, track and trail. The Taff trail is ruined by the storms. There is litter strewn ten feet up the trees. Shocking. Saying that my bins went down the river with the garden. You never know if there’s blame in these things. Trees uprooted, path torn up, floodwater mess. It’s devastating.

    • I do not need more than 4 bikes

    Friday tomorrow. Phew. Ellie’s Birthday party after school. Party food here we come.