Today – I broke, and almost broke the internet(ish).

Yesterday, very early, or maybe technically the previous night very late, I created my first Facebook post in over eight years.

It read as follows.

Redrow Homes will you please rehouse us? Less than 20 months in our new home. This happens because there is a breach in the responsibility chain on the adjoining land. There has been a failing to secure the river to adequately protect this development. How can I ever return my family here. We are grateful that RR are temporarily paying for our hotel but considering your weight in the market I formally ask you to rehome us within the development? What is your reply?

Please, if you read this, please share it across social media that we may surface this to get the attention of all key stakeholders.

Statistics to date are as follows, at the time of writing this.

  • Over129,000 reaches. A Facebook reach is the number of unique people who saw your content.
  • Over 70,000 engagements. A Facebook engagement is any action someone takes on your Facebook Page or one of your posts. The most common examples are likes, comments, and shares.
  • 672 shares form the single main a post.

I had at the time, I think around twelve Facebook friends. I speak regularly to about five, one of whom is my Wife. Can you tell I’m not a big fan of social media?

I spent the entire day expressing gratitude, genuine, heart-felt gratitude to complete strangers, and a few of my wife’s friends. I was and am astounded and unbelievably grateful and appreciative of every comment, share, sad face, angry face and comment of support in rebuttal to the occasion keyboard warrior. I’m most grateful to those people that spent their time and energy providing what I believe to be vital snippets of information I’m holding onto should I need them. Even the repeated comments of information I already have. Repetition goes to affirm a belief, theory or piece of evidence. I like affirmation of facts.

The power of people. Rarely do we get to experience it personally in that magnitude. This introvert is grateful, in a shy retiring way.

The only negative element to this was that I spent some of my time doing this while also spending time with friends. I’m a man, I cannot multitask and I would far rather spend my time with true friends than be absorbed in these activities.

My Dad taught me to say thanks, specifically, name the thing, then people know you mean it.

Thank you Rose, thank you Ross for your friendship, love and support. Thank you Rose for being a truly good friend, someone who shares my understanding and interest in some specific personal growth topics. Thank you Ross for your Yorkshire puddings. I bow to your supremacy in this area. You guys are the best.

Also today I’ve written a letter to the house developers asking them to step up and do the next right thing. I’ll not share that here just yet. I will though, if necessary at a later date.

Following the Facebook post I was then contacted by multiple news outlets. I’ve placed these offers of attention, further surfacing our cause, in my back pocket for now. I have a meeting with local council and Welsh Assembly representatives this week. Following these meetings and the response from the developer I’ll make the next move.

During a telephone conversation with a National television news broadcaster I was asked what’s my motivation. My Wife and Daughter were in the room, my Wife caring for our Daughter who is unwell; lots of rich hotel food Possibly. Gentle stomach. I said over the phone that I am looking for justice for the catastrophic event that has happened. I’m looking to be relocated somewhere we can feel safe. I’m looking to put my Daughter to bed safely at night. I looked to my daughter, I began to cry. The first time I’ve cried about it. Then I fell apart. I managed to ring off to the media and my wife held me.

That’s all for now. And breathe…..

A reminder of the newspaper article that was published a few days after the storm.

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