Media mixed messages

Did I mention I was not a fan of the media and not overly interested in social media? Personally, I only really need approval from Ellie, and then she would have me wear my Daddy shark or Daddysaurus t-shirts all the time. Don’t tell her, I minimised the Daddy shark one (chariteee).

This week I haven’t so much dabbled my toe as much as stripping naked, bared all tattoos and scars and runs screaming wildly into a Chilly March sea, splashing and shaking all the bits for all to see. All whilst speaking in tongues in a slightly unfamiliar Welsh twang! Ever heard your own voice on TV. Weird!!

There have been mixed results. One one side I was recommended to do it by professionals in the industry, specifically to surface the problem and not give the corporate bodies involved the opportunity to quash to story. Then, on the other side, by the legal profession recommending I minimise my media exposure. I’m not sure who’s agenda that plays to.

Friends and neighbours state that while there’s potential to impact others negatively if they were positioned equally, backed into the same corner they would react identically. Others, people I love and respect feel negatively affected. If I could prioritise beyond my priority I would, but I cannot. I equally cannot put my head on the pillow at night knowing I either acted unfairly or untruthfully. So, reflecting as I do nightly I think I’ll sleep soundly tonight knowing I’ve acted for the good of the little man on the street in the favour of doing the next right thing. You can’t please all the people all the time and sometimes you can’t act in everyone’s favour either. I only have to like myself. It’s up to others if they do or don’t.

Today, as other days this week I’ve learned far too much about hydrographic modelling, river revetments and the effect of too much caffeine.

Giving interviews, pointing at stuff and having photographs taken aside, it’s actually been a positively progressive day. A few good conversations, (self-gagging rules apply here) and a few good outcomes. It’s definitely been a better day than those recently. Just dry eyes today, To be honest, yesterday was a bit of a catastrophe! Though not entirely. Genuflecting on a conversation with a man generous with his time and experience, I learned a lot. My brain filled like a swollen culvert. Another water simile.

So here they are, maybe more tomorrow. Go easy.

Wales Online Father watched helplessly as river swept away garden of new Redrow home right up to its foundations

ITV Homeowner’s warning about buying on floodplain after garden of dream home swept away in floods

Minimalising today then, I think it extended to a few coat hangers only. Yesterday was great. We were upgraded from my Andy War’hole’ hotel cell to two adjoining rooms. One of Sim’s friends asked if we were close to killing one another in the single room. Amazingly, or really, unsurprisingly no, we aren’t. Stay strong kids. Perspective. But, I was overjoyed to get upgraded. The developer did it to protect my sanity. There’s kind of them. Maybe because I broke down in front of them yesterday. The two adjoining rooms are great though. Two bathrooms also. Joy! It is living in a confined space with two maximalist females. I’m a hero, I did 5 loads swapping rooms. I had two bags and a box-file. 4 1/2 loads between them. Don’t tell them I used the hotel trolley. 😎 I told them that they need to minimalise their shit!

As the day closes out I received congratulations for the TV and newspaper pieces as well as an offer of a flat we can move into temporarily. All from a stranger seeing our plight who’s already helping and providing guidance. Regardless if we accept the offer, the offer itself is extremely generous and we’re grateful. Thank you, stranger.

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