I’m (We are) still standing.

It’s been a bit of a hectic few days. It’s crunch time on Monday. We have an appointment with the developer at 16:00. Our headline is:

The Developer’s are in breach of their legal obligation to build and sell houses in a safe place and not to put their customers lives and welfare at risk’

The fact that this occurred during the Developers ‘defects liability period’ reinforces this claim.

There’s a lot of detail to support this claim, if the pictures don’t describe it fully enough. I’m trying to not spend the entire weekend predicting and projecting every outcome. Easy eh? I realised over dinner when Sim said I look pre-occupied that I’ve spent almost three weeks all consumed on this. What if I were that consumed on a work project. That would truly be love of the job; or workaholic.

Friday & Saturday highlights…

Friday. It was a really busy morning.

Feeling particularly aggrieved, the last few days of media stints, mostly outside the house with an occasional stunt man dangle out the back doo (see above). My feet are freezing, the concrete under the floor hasn’t had any heat in almost three weeks. I went back to the house, at risk. I put the heating on and did a few chores. I get peace in tidying. Three letters, O.C.D. 😇. (I found the emoji’s on this WordPress app today. Sorry.)

Work contacting me to tell me about a collection made for us all. As I understand this has extended to include colleagues in Germany who have contributed. How kind. I’m truly humbled. Thanks OneERP guys. Sim and I have discussed this briefly; it didn’t take much more. We are going to take the option to get some away time, incapable of action. What better than a trip to Thermae Bath Spa. The twilight package is phenomenal. Time to ask extremely nicely if Grandma and Ellie can have a play date? Cinema, popcorn and sweeties are Ellies treat tomorrow. A few hours in a dark room, blessings! The hotel is a massive treat for Ellie every day. She thinks we’re on holiday, just with school. Though don’t mention the house to her… We’re not there yet. The contribution from work is in addition to one previously gifted by Sim’s School Science department. Thanks science guys (n gals). Another couple of massive lines item’s on our gratitude list.

Some time later, a conversation with Newport Senior Planning Enforcement Officer. They telephoned, we talked. A lot. Newport City Council has opened an enforcement case and has started to investigate the matter to identify whether there has been a breach of planning control. Initial findings are… [redacted].

Then another call from work to discuss the counselling options available through work. I have a doctors appointment on Monday. I’m going to discuss this situation; the physical and mental impact it’s having on me. I need to request a sick note from work as well as to request counselling. Might as well take the work and GP options. Both may be needed. Who knows what’ll be talked out. Or is this helping in ways I don’t know. I don’t really do ‘sick’. I took three days off sick with man-flu last year. That’s my usual annual tally. None of this sits well with me but, with help I came to the conclusion that this is the correct course of action.

Then a call from the Developer. An appointment. I know there is a key-stakeholder meeting at 13:00 between all interested parties. I’m not invited but it involves the developer, the Local Council, the previous landowner with a future vested interest in the site and who knows which other stakeholders. A stakeholder is anyone with a concern or view. A key stakeholder in this example might be the landowner. That’s us by the way – keep up. 😉 You may ask why are all key stakeholders not present. Bollocks! Sim and I are THE key-stakeholders.

I know about the pre-meeting meeting because the developer’s Customer Services Manager told me. Actually, the Newport Senior Planning Enforcement Officer had told me some time before. He was incredibly helpful. Clearly there is motion between all parties and decisions are being reached.

Lord knows what our meeting will entail. Answers, good or bad. We go in optimistic. We go in wanting to hear what they have to say. We go in fully prepared. We’ve had a lot of private help from the community.

The developer said to the rest of the development that a statement would be issued following our meeting. Sounds a bit final.

So, after the news of the meeting, a few more tasks on the list. Legal and commercial options. This included [redacted]. Sorry internet.

Whatever consumed the rest of Friday was a blur. I was consumed. Sim ‘wobbled’, ‘cracked’, pick your situational metaphor.


A relief quite honestly. Relief that all the people I wanted to talk to yesterday are weekending themselves so unavailable. Enforced downtime.

Chilli’s Birthday. 🎉 (That’s a party related emoji. Sorry.)
Spellchecker changed that to Child’s Birthday. I’m not sure if that was correct or not really. It’s Chilli’s twelfth Birthday today. I got her when she was six weeks old. She’s been with me through the bad times and then the good. We’re pretty much inseparable, though she’s also been the Bane of my life. Guiltily, it’s been nice on some days not having to do the walks, especially in the recent rain; My thanks extend to Jill and Joel, and Bekka and Conor for taking care of her. She’ll miss being allowed on the sofa when she comes home. I’ve missed her so much and spending five hours walking with her today was a real tonic. Medicine for my soul even if we did spend it walking around the surrounding river, seeing, recording and documenting the changes that have happened recently. YouTube and Facebook were battered by the hotel wi-fi shortly thereafter. I’ve not seen this much change in the river Ebbw before. The meandering change is startling. Meandering, that’s a new word for me in relation to rivers. You’ll hear me say that a lot for a few weeks as it will become a hot topic in relation to the house. This is GCSE geography 101 kids. How was this missed. Gross negligence.

Here’s Chilli. She’s Lush! Lush is a Welsh term. It means very, very nice. She’s not actually a lush’, though the local male Mini Schnauzer population may disagree.

Then, after lunch (twenty minutes after of course (halloumi chips -WOW! )) a swim back at the hotel. If there is one good thing to come out of our hotel stay, it’s that Ellie’s swimming is progressing well. I’m going to have a no spending hiatus tomorrow and buy Ellie a swim float. I wonder if it’ll get used. Ellie has quite the ‘I need that now’ attitude. Must do better to teach her the lessons I’m learning, but forty years earlier. I live in hope…

I’m trying to keep to a schedule. Meals, work (house issues), exercise, family-time. I remembered that Sim and I watched an hour of television last night. A Netflix series, ‘Better Call Saul’. A slightly topical distraction. I’m glad Cardiff lawyers don’t operate like Texas lawyers, though upon reflection… Shall we take Cardiff’s Saul Goodman to the meeting? I’m looking forward to bingeing on that later. (Didn’t happen’ wrote this).

That was the past few days. There We Are Then. I occasionally spell check this before hitting publish. That means skimming over it spotting mistakes. Or, I rely on Sim to read it later and point out the glaringly obvious cock-ups. Sim’s gone to sleep so I just re-read it. I actually sound a bit happier today. I think I am. I hope this isn’t in preparation for Monday. Developers, do the right next thing.

Right, off to bed, maybe kindle light for a while. I’m reading Project 333. I’m halfway through my Project 333 already.

Question: Where does the time go?
Answer: Down the river…

Then beauty sleep. I have to look my best for Phil and Holly next week. Mmmm, Holly…

Final thought for the day.

I hereby promise to stop eating the unhealthy options and getting an evening desert and then a full English for breakfast. Three weeks is enough. Chub is developing. Back to the training plan next week, albeit around three weeks regressed.

Please review and sign our petition created by our lovely friend, Jo. Thanks Jo. Your activism is heroic.

Change.org petition – Redrow Homes give the Adams a new home!!!

The following are the media links we are aware of. There may be others as the story is syndicated.

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The Sun WATER NIGHTMARE 🤣 – Couple and daughter, 7, homeless after riverbank collapses around their £400k dream home

The Mail Family is forced to flee dream £400,000 new-build home after river sweeps away their entire garden in Storm Dennis despite developer’s promise of robust flood defences.

The Mirror Family forced to flee new waterside home as flooded river washes garden away

South Wales Argus Family forced to flee new waterside home as flooded river washes garden away

Wales Online Father watched helplessly as river swept away garden of new Redrow home right up to its foundations

Brinkwire Family flee dream £400,000 new-build home after river sweeps away their entire garden

TWN Couple and daughter, 7, homeless after river bank collapses around their £400K dream house

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