Idle hands – or where the mind goes with no cooking and chores to do.

A suitcase life.
It’s been over three weeks since the flood. Regarding my capsule wardrobe, I’m learning more than I would have hoped, or liked, about what I actually need. The funny thing is, wherever you are in your situation, your situation, over time becomes your new normal, and you adapt. I’ve stopped counting items in my wardrobe, my 33 items, as part of the project333 challenge has gone down to less than 20. Another bag of stuff goes back in to storage. That’s for two reasons. Firstly, I’m not using the other stuff. My A-Team wardrobe rotates in the low numbers. Hands go straight to the favourites all the time, I’m sure yours would too. Secondly, the last time we switched hotels or hotel rooms I took my suit-bag, my shoulder-bag and 3 spare pairs of shoes. Simple. It was the four trips of my maximalists ‘stuff’ that took it’s toll. Zowie Cavey!

You can read more about project333 at be more with less. An approach to living described by Courtney Carver.

‘I created Be More with Less and minimalist fashion challenge Project 333. I spent much of my adult life tired, stressed, sick and doing work I didn’t care about to make ends meet. I always wanted more or thought I needed more to be happy, but realized after years of decluttering and letting go that happiness isn’t waiting for us, it’s within us.’

Courtney Carver.

I almost minimalised my work suit a few weeks ago. My work has gone a bit more casual lately, so have I. I didn’t anticipate needing the suit anymore. My mostly black wardrobe would suit any unfortunate need for black. Seems there may be a need for the suit growing forward if I have to have a day in court. I’ll be ready for that. Though I do have a few wet-suits if that’ll be more representative of the situation…

Materially, I miss my motorbike but I think that’s it. Riding a motorbike is a uniquely distracting and focusing experience if done correctly. It’s all encompassing. Distractions can be deadly. On a bike you don’t twiddle with gadgets, talk to people, check your phone. I don’t check my phone in the car but Apple Car Play can be just as distracting. On the bike, do it right and the man and machine in harmony saying is really true. All the senses acting in complement to each other while each hand or foot act independently and simultaneously. Then there’s the legs gripping the tank, keep your arms relaxed, turn your head into the bend, a last lifesaver look before the corner. It requires concentration as well as being fluid and relaxing. The perfect distraction.

I’m in the process of obtaining an advanced riding qualification, a great social and experiential activity. Like Hells Angels with added safety and more tea. I missed a ride-out today. A friend, my tutor, has recently experienced the worst life can throw at one. His strength has been inspirational to me through our current situation. My and my family’s love extend his way.

So I miss donning layers and leathers. Doing all my safety checks and heading for the hills. Brecon Beacons are among our regular ride locations. My last ride was wet and unpleasant, educational and a bit scary if honest. We’ll be back into good weather soon, hopefully I can go out on our next ride in April. I wonder where we’ll be by then.

I received a photograph of Yorkshire Pudding from Ross today. I might expense a Sunday roast carvery next weekend. Thanks ‘the developers’, though were I in my own kitchen etc…

I promised to stop eating excessively yesterday. Tomorrow I intend to start that starting. Hey, it was the weekend.

I ate a dictionary
Busy weekend. I learned a new word on Friday. The word was ‘meandering’, see the previous entry.

I learned a new word today too. I heard it listening to an audiobook. Star Trek -Picard. The last best hope – The word is ‘Dispossessed’. To deprive (someone) of land, property, or other possessions.

Now that kind of research is a bit maudlin. Snap it back man!!

An occupied mind
It’s this kind of stuff I’m occupying my mind with, or distracting it. I’m down to under two minutes. If I want to get better I’ll need to learn some of the more complex algorithms. Progress.

More neurotic sleuthing
On yesterdays dog walk I took a lot of videos. Here’s a my YouTube channel video’s showing the aftermath along our meandering river. If your getting bored just scroll down to the one of the Whale Shark taken scuba diving in the Maldives.

A dark room for a few hours.
What does one do on a Sunday when one is displaced and dispossessed. One takes the family to the cinema. A bucket of coffee for the grown up, popcorn all round, and a chance to tune out for a couple of hours.

We went to see Onward.

Set in a suburban fantasy world, two teenage elf brothers embark on a quest to discover if there is still magic out there.

It’s a story based upon relationships between parents and children, or vice-versa.

Did I mention I was a little volatile right now? I cried solidly through the final twenty minutes as father and son were reunited through adversity. It was a roller coaster ride. Sheesh!!! Ay caramba. Ooh, and to tenuously connect to the Simpsons (Bart says ‘Ay caramba’ a lot), before the main film was a Simpsons short. “Playdate with Destiny,” a short featuring the cartoon family’s perpetual infant Maggi. It took me right back to my childhood of the preview short film before the main event. Much better than another advert for ‘Pearl & Dean’.

Right, tomorrow. The big day. What will they say? You’ll hear it all here tomorrow. Unless of course they do something to impose a gagging order on me as they have done to all exposed developer paid staff. I actually met an on-site builder on Saturday, he told me he was banned from talking to me. 🤬

An episode of Better Call Saul and a few chapters of project333 before bed.

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