Redrow 1 – 0 Adams’. Seconds out, round 2. The gloves come off for the cage fight. (or) A bit battered after Storm Redrow, we begin to recover.

Ok, we’re pissed off with Redrow. There, I said it ‘Redrow’, ’Red fucking Row’. So are the 2,700+ people that signed the petition. It would, however, appear that Redrow believes they are not responsible. There is a lot to talk about in that statement but for now, my laundry is going back in the basket and back in the closet. I’ve put my toys back in the pram and Sim and I are huddled in the hotel room with Ellie. We’ve made a tent between a few chairs and a duvet. We have a torch and some essential sugar-based supplies and we’re plotting. Were also making shadow puppets with our hands. I’ve perfected the corporate big-wig puppet, (looks a bit like Abe Lincoln) and Sim’s figuring out how to shadow puppet a chain-saw.

Time to regroup and take stock. Time to focus on the matters in-hand and the next steps. One of those steps is to decide if I should carry on doing this? To blog or not to blog? Let’s see what happens over time. Hopefully, I can get back to the title topic.

‘Displaced Minimalist.

Let’s analyze this kids. ”Oxford”?

Displaced: From the verb displace: Take over the place, position, or role of.

Minimalist: Relating to minimalism – Lacking decoration or adornment; deliberately simple or basic in design or style.

(My) Translation.

I have chosen to change or reposition myself to live a more basic or simplistic life. Or I’m just trying to be simple(r).

How do I do this? By removing the things from my life that neither adds value or joy. That saying or view is frequently used in this movement, one I subscribe to. Because it works. That will over time include social media (again). Eight years or so off, back with a vengeance like some kind of millennial activist. It’s taking its toll. Time to go again soon. But not before we win this.

I now have:

  • Enough clothes to fit in a Samsonite garment bag (other bags etc…)
  • My Corporate laptop bag for my few technical devices; iPad pro, kindle, headphones and Rubik’s cube.
  • Three pairs of boots/trainers
  • 3 jackets

I made a quiet breakthrough this morning. Eureka! I reached up to get a top/shirt/t-shirt and just took the next item without consideration. It was going to be black and I was going to like it and it was going to go with my jeans and jacket so it didn’t matter what it was. The clouds parted, cherubs sang. This is where I want to be every day. Edging closer… See, there is still enjoyment, piece and calm to be obtained, even in chaos. Black sandals and habit (or Jedi robe) next week.


I look over to Sim in our hotel room, she’s watching a woodturning video. It really has come to this.


” You know when you’ve invested so much time watching it and you just need to get to the fucking end right now”



Happy heart moments.

I spoke to some dear friends this evening. We went some way to I hope to repair our friendship. This situation has caused tensions I’m not proud of, would have preferred avoided and am hugely grateful are being restored.

Gratitude list for today.

  • Friends.
  • Strangers become friends.
  • Strangers who will never become friends. that reach out to support other strangers. Too many to mention.
  • Each other.
  • Family.
  • Unity.
  • Strength.
  • Love.
  • Forgiveness.
  • Granma for taking Chilli for a haircut.
  • Friends with Rainbow cake, and love.
  • Everyone who didn’t nick my bag when in an insane moment I locked the car (pressed the boot open button) and walked off for an hour.
  • Friends with benefits No, not fuckbuddies, friends with lawyer husbands.
  • School teachers.
  • Wales Assembly members who.speak out.
  • Random compassionate texts.
  • Being more with less.
  • Hotel staff.
  • Head scratches. Mmmmmm
  • Work. No, really.
  • Chocolate covered pretzels.

Oops, low power mode. No time to spell-check. Who cares…

Nitey nite.

Much love.


One thought on “Redrow 1 – 0 Adams’. Seconds out, round 2. The gloves come off for the cage fight. (or) A bit battered after Storm Redrow, we begin to recover.

  1. Ooh, good one tonight! Laughed out loud at the tent and chain saw shadow puppets scene!

    You guys are brilliant and are facing this horrendous situation with good attitudes.

    Liked by 1 person

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