Busy doing nothin.

Working hard, or hardly working.

This week I’ve come to the conclusion I’ve failed miserably.

As part of this enforced social exercise, one thing I want to do is concentrate my efforts to be less busy and more productive. Spend less time shuffling the same piece of paper around; To use time more wisely. To be more intentional and essential.

This week I’ve come to the conclusion I’ve failed miserably. It’ll come as a surprise to nobody that dealing with large companies, insurances, assurances, financials, corporate’s and the government is like ripping out your own fingernails with a pair of pliers. It takes ages, you know it’s going to be painful and it bloody well is. And of course it’s entirely counterproductive and leaves you in a worse state than when you started. And, essentially pointless.

Newport County Council Update

The Newport County Council’s electronic telephone system is shocking. Five redirects and a computer that hears, listens to, processes, responds and puts you ‘straight through right away’ but has the systems Artificial Intelligence has the processing power of a ZX81 and the language skills of ‘Speak & Spell‘ Look, I’ve heard myself on the telly recently. I sound like a Welsh gay truck driver on acid from Tonypandy, (Sorry that demographic),. But I can bloody well annunciate a simple name. I think they went a bit politically correct and bought the Welsh as a first language version.

This rant is in place of the one I want to do about Newport County Council (CC) and Welsh Government (WG) that would likely be entirely slanderous and get me sued.

And that rant, in itself, would be in place of the one I want to do about Redrow. Similar lawsuit. And on that subject – an email today saying Redrow will no longer communicate with us via any method other than their legal team. I asked if the two days touch-up decorating they were planning on doing this week but didn’t turn up for were going to happen. I won’t hold my breath. When Redrow put a bloody great crane on my drive and they knackered our garden they did so knowing they would have things to fix. I think I may just have some fun out of this when they have to repair some of their own damage.

You get the gist.! Maybe this should be the Displeased Minimalist.

As a finale to the working day’s events I finally get an agreement to a meeting next Thursday with the Newport CC Head of City Services and Development & Regeneration Manager. This is overseen by the Strategic Director. I am going to strive towards optimism on this. The work they need to do is for the protection of the development as a whole so how can they not? Naïveté! Don’t prove me wrong Council guys and gals. I hope this isn’t another meeting without an agenda. I’ve set one myself; further requirements to come from my Insurance company. I’ll take a clipboard, or as I like to call it, ‘Sim with a pen’.

  • What are the individual Newport CC work streams.
  • What do the Newport CC reparation activities look like (intent/content/duration).
  • Will those activities concentrate initially on preventing further damage to my property. An insurance requirement no doubt.
  • What their planning enforcement case/complaint is looking to achieve beyond seeking to identify if there has been a breach of planning control, and what the outputs are intended to be.
  • See output from Newport CC Senior Planning Enforcement Officer report.
  • Ask Newport CC to enforce the fact that Redrow are in breach of their obligation to ensure the house they sold to me was safe; what will the council do to protect me and the development as well as future developments?
  • Llanover Estates/Newbridge Construction originally owned the bank. They owe Redrow and their successors a ‘right of support’ particularly if they undertook the enabling work and sold the land to Redrow then gifted to Newport CC; Of course we know there was no enabling work done. Negligence.
  • Welsh Government and Newport CC are negligent in failing to condition the planning permission in respect of bank armouring;
  • Raise Welsh Government’s failures and lack of care, to be escalated to our local AM with a request that the matter is raised in the Assembly. Complete – needs progressing and feedback.
    Raise the same to Newport Council, in light of Redrows brutal lack of support Newport CC should provide care;
  • Welsh Government, Newport & Redrow have all have an obligation to take care of me and my family and temporarily re-house us, not at my insurance expense.
  • Ultimately, it is likely that Newbridge construction should be held primarily responsible due to the ‘right of support’ requirement.

Insurance update

Following the Insurance Field Surveyor visit on Thursday, they will be reviewing our cover and discussing all aspects of your claim early next week and you will be contacted mid-week to clarify the way forward. There will be questions to address to Newport CC for the above meeting.

I’m led to believe I’m powerless over people, places and things. I’ve come to believe that each individually is okay and manageable. In combination they’re a megalafuckoffasaurus and I’m screwed. 🦖

Notwithstanding all the above, Sim and I divided to conquer today. I went home to tidy up our already extremely tidy house. The Insurance man said it was okay to be in at the time being. That will change over time if nothing is done. My real reason to go home was to minimalist more. Is it weird that I calm my mind by tidying stuff up. No I won’t come round your house to declutter. It’s brutal at the early stages. Even after the many cycles I’ve been through, I go through the same stuff the hundred and umpteenth time and find more things to minimise. I look at ‘stuff’, think about how much it’s crossed my mind in the past month. If I can honestly say it hasn’t, it doesn’t bring me joy or value and doesn’t have a specific future use (phew, the belly-board stays) then it’s either recycled (charity shop) or goes in the bin. Well, the Redrow skip. My bins went on a surfing holiday down the Ebbw. There’s still quite a lot of stuff I own in the house, an IKEA SKUBB‘s worth to be precise. It’s still irking me I’ve got all that stuff, as I want to get down to as close to nothing as possible. A few residual gadgets, an R2-D2 I just can’t get rid of because he’s too cool; my watch collection I will not reduce further. I’ve put the SKUBB under the bed for now, before I get a twitch.

My travel suitcase turned into a rucksack, then into a laptop case and now into a tiny laptop sleeve. iPad, keys wallet, headphones, kindle. Is there anything else? Tissues (joking, honestly). Still, I can’t actually bring myself to minimise the bags. I’m a bit of a bag lady Man. Manbag’s are great. Maybe a toiletry bag only by this time next week.

On a steel horse I ride

I spent a few hours on the bike this afternoon. Cruising, zooming, taking it easy or taking out Porsche’s. It was amazing! I’ve locked her up outside in the hotel stable. I hope she’s alright overnight and some gobshite hasn’t gotten jealous and done something to her. She was excellent medicine today. Thanks XDiavel. Nitey Nite…

A call from Sim, on the way back from Tee-Rex Soft play. I assume Ellie went too. Off down the restaurant for tea. The hotel restaurant and bar are getting quieter day by day. Don’t dare sneeze without Walter White and Jesse Pinkman showing up. Another glorious feast on Redrow I feel. Maybe a massive slice of chocolate cake for desert. Mwahaha. I will be up at 6:30 tomorrow, off for a walk-run with my retired running buddy. I’ve not seen for some time. It’ll be great to catch up and go explore the Taff Trail’s devastation. Get out of myself for a while.

On a more positive note. I’ve been an introvert all my life. Self isolating is my modus operandi.😷

2 thoughts on “Busy doing nothin.

  1. Ihi Leigh just need to say…I love reading this blog, I do hope it’s something your going to continue, it’s give me lots of food for thought. Interesting you have a motorbike and your doing your advanced, is it with Dave Morgan who recently lost his wife ( Gill bean) my Dave did his with him s few years ago. Anyway I hope your all okay and keeping strong. Love to you all. Shaz XXX ( one for each of you)


    1. Hi Sharon. Perspective is very important isn’t it? Yes, so sad for my friend Dave. It’s something I bear in mind a lot through this. My little tribe is all well and I try to remind myself what’s really important. I’m often envious of Dave’s big bike with all that weather protection in this weather. Small world eh? I keeps hearing from people saying they are enjoying the blog. I’m enjoying it, and if it adds value elsewhere too I’ll keep sharing. I’ll pass the other two kisses to my girls. Right back at ya. X


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