Getting a bit bored now.

The house is tidy, more so than if anyone lived in it. It looks a bit like a show home, just don’t check out the rear garden.

I’m now looking at the metal fence and some of the hardware Redrow have left when they removed support. I’ve asked them to remove it on Monday. If they don’t, I will. It’s ruining my grass! (Perspective) Let’s hope it doesn’t need to go to the legal team as everything else now does. Sim said not to remove the fence incase some eejit breaks in and hurts him (or her) self falling into the river. I say, fuck-em. If they are going to be that stupid they deserve all they get. Monday is going to be a sunny day apparently. It’s gardening time I feel. Out it comes.

(Time passes).

Oops, got bored. Did I mention I’m not much of a sitterdownanddoonothinger?

You can’t deny the lovely river view now. I’m thinking about a half height fence when it goes back. I had an idea when we moved in about a glass wall or fence. I wonder if I can wrangle that out of the insurance…. Maybe a hot tub in the corner overlooking the river.

All this because I wanted to hose the faithful steed down this morning when I parked her up.

I think my glass is half full attitude may be on the comeback. I can sit in the hot tub with a double fuckem on the rocks with a cheeky dash of dontletthebuggersgetyoudown, and a straw, and a parasol, and some fucking fruit! No ice!

I know Sim and my attitudes to accepting that we may have to move back into this house at some point differ right now; that’s one of the hard parts. We are not in the same place emotionally all the time, because how likely is that? That’s where the tag-team comes in. One is ahead, one passes the baton, the other catches up. Not quite in sync all the time but the same team in the same race. We’ve discussed this, a lot. We don’t have all our own answers yet. As long as we are mutually supportive, appreciate and respect one another and, occasionally hang back to let the other one catch up. Different position’s, same race. The finish line may look very different for each of us too. That’s part of the reason I’m back doing what I can at the house. Exposure and to make it as right as I can for Sim. Results won’t be in for a very long time yet, though I fear I know already.

I think I would be great in one of those teeny weeny tiny transformer micro houses. Insert transformer transforming sound as the walls expand and the sink becomes the bath and the walls slide expanding the living room into the bedroom. So cool. I could self isolate for ever. I think Sim and Ellie would love one of those. I think I’ll remortgage in secret and surprise her. What do you think???

I received a card from work today. Thanks guys n gals. There was a special message inside.

“Look on the bright side, this would save on all the expenses of fitting solar panels. And… you can mill your own flour or go hydro-electric.

I’m glad there are also those out there with as dark a sense of humour as I. Hilarious,, but glad it’s said 4 weeks after.

I’m sat in the living room writing this. I’m waiting for amazon. A two in one charging cable. Fucking amazing. I can throw out the bulky two chargers and just use the one new tiny one. That’s progress. Or am I still addicted to consumerism? No, I actually think I’m a lot free’er, lessons being learned and applied here. Anyway, when we moved into the development the road ended at our next door neighbours house. It’s grown a lot since then. The development is almost complete. We’ve always been used to people driving past slowly, staring first at ours and our neighbours house only, then as the site grew, all the houses in the row. We’ve acted like the ‘here’s what you could live like’. House. Bizarrely that slowed and stopped in the past six months or so as fewer people were window shopping (our windows). No though, as I watch out, an awful lot of cars, and passing people slow and rubberneck. I’ve started staring back, I’ve even winked a few times. I blew an old lady a kiss last week. You have to get your kicks where you can.

Right, amazon just arrived. Taking my two in one charger and myself to soft play to get told off for taking the fence down.

And Publish!

2 thoughts on “Getting a bit bored now.

  1. Hi Leigh, someone somewhere once said sometimes when life gives you lemons you just have to make lemonade (or limoncello!), clearly that person has never expereinced their world being all but destroyed by water. Glad to see your sense of humour hasn’t been drowned out of you and wish you better times ahead. PS assume the Ducati is stil fit for a cool dude to ride!


    1. Thanks Andrew, I’ve been looking for a cool due, (that sounds weird) even trying to emulate one but alas, not so much! Maybe a bit of ‘fake it to make it’. You have to laugh eh? The alternative (which I tried a bit of) just get’s one down. See you soon, assuming we survive the Zombie Apocalypse.


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