A lovely Sunny day

I took Ellie to school this morning, as I do most mornings. Then I headed back to the house as I do most days also. I go to check on the status, see if anything’s changed. Both on our house but also on the development. Plus I do the clothes washing, but that’s not interesting to talk about. Redrow are making a pigs ear in many ways. They are doing rework upon rework upon rework. There is a definite left hand doesn’t know what the right hand scenario going on. The whole development entrance road has temporary traffic lights for the umpteenth time. There’s a temporary gravel road for access. I bet a fire engine couldn’t get down the road right now. They’ve dropped a new manhole including housing into the middle of the road to provide access to the sewers, cables etc down below. It’s like they find a new requirement or realise they missed something previous and react rather than planning ahead. Tee amount of tarmac and/or pavement and curb stones that have gone down, up, down, up, down is ludicrous. Many other local developments are built without this degree of rework. It’s bonkers. Maybe a few months away and we’ll come back to a lot of this completed. That is if I could bring myself to stay away. Even when I work away for two days per week I’m excited to come home and see what’s developed. They could make great strides to make the appearance of the development significantly better if they wanted. I think that because of the other matters in the nation right now will rightly delay everything. Personally, I obviously support that view, as hopefully we all do. Once the present national and our local family issue is resolved I have no doubt that the development, when complete will look beautiful.

So today, I’ve washed the windows, at least those I could reach. The ones that back onto the river, I’m not sure even Mr tickle could reach. I’ve tidied the garden, weeds can wait till another time. I’m not that gung-ho, though cabin fever might make drive me to dig out the trowel. Or, I may go off and buy some chemicals for that. Mother Nature and I aren’t quite on speaking terms right now.

I’ve listened to around 6-7 hours of The Minimalists podcast today, These listenings, as part of my own personal journey (I’m not enthusiastic about that term), and learning curve, are partially responsibly for the way I handle stress and deal with ‘stuff’. In crisis, fix, repair, make-good. A lot of this is simply giving a name to my extant behaviour, though, to be honest, I’ve acted this way since childhood. It’s probably a control thing in a tight situation. It’s good mind space to help recover and even occupy myself through the boredom of waiting for some key decisions to be made. So I minimalised an entire cupboard. Not just tidying shelves here. Remove furniture, the whole tamale. Gone, poof! My stand up desk now has nothing surrounding it. The stand-up desk, keyboard, mouse and monitor; laptop hidden. Serenity restored. Or, depending upon your view maybe more to do with my sanity than serenity.

I still can’t help think that the view is now even more stunning than it was. Squint and imagine the aggregate bags weren’t there. I welcome ideas on how once the land goes back, we can erect a fence that will retain the view and provide privacy? A Bond villain lair type of thing.

Ellie is on a play-date downstairs in the hotel lobby with Sim, and friends. I watch the Boris Johnson Coronavirus update in the room.

No social meetings, including crowded places, restaurant, pubs etc.

Did I mention that Sim and Ellie were downstairs for a social meeting in.a crowded place with a restraint and pub? I go down to meet them, into the foyer and restaurant come sports-bar. It’s dead in there. Poor choice of word; very quiet. We’re not exposed to the toilet-roll frenzy or other supermarket craziness but we are exposed to the other social activities with targeted suggestions and advice. Out hotel is used for conferences, meetings, and other large social gatherings. It’s quietening day by day. Room cancellations due to the Rugby being cancelled; meetings adjourned. Conferences cancelled. They’ve revised the breakfast and evening meal menus, restricted options as they concentrate their menu to the likely candidates. The bar and lobby staff are very chipper! I think they’ve been fed the World War two positivity mantra. Stiff upper-lip.

It is quite surreal to watch it unfold. I wonder if this has an affect on our Council meeting on Thursday. I live and breathe conference Calls, hopefully no cancellation. British spirit, pull together Council.!

The insurance company called rather urgently today. I was immediately nervous. Fears quickly suppressed, our Insurance Technical assessor guy has been great. He was clearly knocked for six when he saw the damage. He’s been very supportive and positive. It’s not as bad at it could be, he said. Agreed. As it turned out the conversation was positive, He agreed we have cover for our insurable interest. That’s the land within our boundary.

We have cover for our insurable interest.

They’ve also instructed their solicitors to put pressure onto Newport council and Newbridge construction to reinstate the area. Our Insurers are willing to collaborate and co-operate though Newport City Council have an obligation to comply, and quickly. Their job will be onerous. Next we await contact from the team that will work with our requirements and seek to rehouse us. We also await contact from the Insurers Solicitors as they will help to recover us in other ways.

I used to have a phone app called Zombies Run where you run listening to music and interspersed with radio content from a zombie apocalypse. Periodically you pick up supplies for the cause all the while speeding up as you run away from the zombie hoard. I may download and run with it again in light of circumstances. Boris did say to go out and exercise still.

Stay safe out there survivors…

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