A wee bit of me time.

Hotel Breakfast was further restricted. One coffee each. STOP THE MADNESS 😱

I took Ellie to school. We listened to a Star Trek audiobook en-route. Ellie loves it though I’m disturbed that she’s listening out for Spock 🖖 in a Picard Audiobook. It is cool that Ellie says that’s a Daddy & Ellie thing. We’ve still not sat down and watched Star Wars back to back. There may be isolation benefits to come. NO, we’re not actually isolating, all healthy here. Promise.

Back to the house after a quick update to the Mum’s; a speedy change then off to take the bike for a service. I cancelled the planned service last month, just after the storm. I decided to go today, get some me-time. While they were doing their thing, a non-essential product recall I took a very practical motorbike out for a test-ride. I have a Ducati XDiavel, it’s amazing, makes me feel alive as well as a bit bonkers and occasionally slightly scared. I tried out a Ducati Multi-strada. It was extremely sensible. A massive tourer, much higher ride height than my cruiser. More fairing and wind protection than some convertibles I’ve owned. (I’m a car and bike nut). Seventy mile per hour (honestly), in the rain, with the helmet visor still open, ‘IN THE RAIN’!; heated seat and grips. Pure luxury. I would never buy one! It was way too easy to ride. A bit Japanesey. Nowhere near as engaging to ride as I would like. My beast requires a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to handle and ride well. And, a bit of sheer will and grip to hold on when the throttle opens. It’s classed as a techno-cruiser. It’s an amalgamation of a sports bike and a cruiser, something to fit a market I’m not sure exists. Unless it’s just for people like me. Whatever that is…

So, I’ll clearly buy one in around three and a half years when I hit fifty. (I know only children or those childlike use half-years. (Hehe)).

On the way home, just popping into the Service station to show some support for the local shops, you understand?! Burger King. Minute on the lips etc; but wow, what a minute! An XL Bacon Double Cheese Burger (deserves capitols) is one of my guilty pleasures. I cannot go through an airport, and definitely not through Paddington train station without picking one up. I used to travel to Dublin weekly for work. Burger King at Dublin Airport, and the breakfasts at the Dublin Gresham were the highlights of the week. That and the Dublin Taxi drivers. They should collectively run for President, Prime Minister and every other political power, such is their wealth of knowledge and experience. To be sure!

Ready steady cook is on TV when I get home, back to the hotel at 15:30. Did I just call the hotel home? Merde! Maybe time to think about returning to work. So time for a reassessment. I just took the Post Traumatic Stress test again. I got nine out of ten first time.

Some of the most common symptoms of PTSD (It’s not disorderly) include the following:

    Intense feelings of distress when reminded of a tragic event. “No, unless I think of Redrow”
    Extreme physical reactions to reminders of trauma such as a nausea, sweating or a pounding heart “No”
    Invasive, upsetting memories of a tragedy “Yes”
    Flashbacks (feeling like the trauma is happening again) ‘No”
    Nightmares of either frightening things or of the event “Yes”
    Loss of interest in life and daily activities “Haven’t we all right now, but mostly No”
    Feeling emotionally numb and detached from other people “No”
    Sense of a not leading a normal life (not having a positive outlook of your future) “No”
    Avoiding certain activities, feelings, thoughts or places that remind you of the tragedy “No”
    Difficulty remembering important aspects of a tragic event “No”

Two our of ten. I’m almost cured. No wait, I was thinking of this in relation to my latest work project. 🤣

The Four horsemen of the Apocalypse ride, (and a pessimist from Shrewsbury).

Talking briefly to a friend and colleague (electronically because #Zombieapocalypse) I realise we’ve both been touting the four horsemen. Just sayin. If two people say it over email it’s true isn’t it? See Candyman.

As an aside, swimming this afternoon. Hotel pool, virtually empty. Ellie and Sim practicing Ellie’s progress atop the water, me underwater. Ellie is not a natural but that’s okay. She’s a natural at many other things. I don’t expect her to follow me in any specific ways. There’s some acceptance to be had there. Regardless, free diving practice, doing lengths underwater. Another place I feel very at home. I know I’ve mentioned it already a few weeks ago. But, it’s so peaceful down there. While not doing lengths underwater I just fool around, like a seal, twisting, turning, grabbing Ellie’s toes. Acting exactly the way I did when I way Ellie’s age, younger even. It’s it great when we can have fun, our own way, doing exactly what we love, which is exactly what we did when we were five years old, and having just as much fun.

Better Call Saul or Homeland tonight. Both final seasons. Lindt bunny and Ovaltine. (No Ovaltine, maybe tomorrow night if there’s any left)

Stay safe out in there kids.

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